Crochet Crazy! Simple Headband, Beanie and Mary Janes for a 6 month old

Never thought I would ever be “those” kinds of mums. But I am.

Growing up as mostly a tomboy and an outdoor enthusiast, all my friends would be happy to tell you they were sure I would be the last amongst them to have a baby. Coming from a place where I did not even really “nest” during my pregnancy I surprised myself one day whilst walking along Biashara Street in Nairobi looking for baby items and instead got myself lots of yarn and needles from the Freemans shop.

I have always loved needles and thread. Ever since I got my first lessons in class two on how to knit and purl I was that girl who would always carry around a ball of knotted thread and needles in her trail. The fascination fizzled out pretty much when I discovered playing outside was much more fun. The craze came back on full-swing when I found out I was expecting my little girl. I was blessed to have a pretty much uncomplicated pregnancy however I was going through so many emotional issues and I found knitting and crocheting to get my mind off things. I also wanted my baby to have items with a more personal  touch just from me. And there it begun again!

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert but so far I have made mostly beanies, headbands and boat shoes for those chunky little feet. They are perfect for babies who are still at the crawling stage. It’s difficult to keep the beanies and headbands on her head now as she has discovered the power of yanking them out! 😛

I mostly self taught thanks to very talented men and women out here. Guys are so creative! Most of the items I have knitted from very informative YouTube videos and blogs with free pattern information. All you need (other than the yarn and needles) is to learn the stitches / lingo and about an hour or two depending on your level of skill and concentration span to complete an item. The videos are very short (About 10 – 20 minutes long). Here are some of the links to the DIY videos that I follow:

For the headbands (video).

For the beanie and flower (video).

For the double strapped Mary Janes crotchet pattern

These are perfect gifts for a baby shower or for your own baby so get on experimenting with your crochet skills. Please feel free to hit me up in case you would like for me to make you a few at a small fee!


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