Simple Knit and Crotchet patterns for baby Beanies and Booties

Well. As you know I am a big fan of knitting and crotchet. Generally I am into any inexpensive DIY projects that do not take too much time. It dawned on me that I had no interest in making soap or candles because shower gel and electricity have served me just fine thus far, thank you. With that in mind, I settled on knitting something for the baby. Truth be told, For my knitting or crotchet projects, I am heavily motivated by making cute little things because of my baby. I always aspired to be that kind of mom  i.e. the kind that knits, because everybody knows that knitting moms are super cool! Right? I always imagine one day casually pointing to my warmly dressed child saying Oh that? No, *insert demure laugh here* I didn’t buy it.. I just made it one afternoon when I was bored. Bam! Awesomest. Mom. Ever. 

This humble-brag has never happened though. Yet! B-)

The beautiful thing about knitting or crocheting  is that you do not have to be an expert  to make something beautiful. With all the YouTube video tutorials and crotchet patterns on the internet, you can always find something cute to make. Granted that like mine they won’t look as ravishing.. Trying never hurt anybody!

I have been a little busy so I haven’t had as much time as I would liked for crocheting or knitting however my friend recently had a baby boy and what better way to give her a personalized gift than make cute little beanies and booties for her!

My favorite go to blog for crafts is Whistle and Ivy. She is really great and talented. Also her patterns are very simple to follow. You should totally check her out.

Here below are the photos of the final product and links to the patterns.

Pattern Information:

  1. For how to Knit an Easy and Basic Baby Hat as below here’s the YouTube Video Tutorial


2. For the baby boat shoes crochet pattern: YouTube Video tutorial here. With the written pattern here


3. For the Monk Strap Booties. The written pattern is here


4. Finally for here are the instructions for the ribbed crotched beanie the YouTube video tutorial. I added the pom pom which I made by hand from another video I found here.


I hope you like them! Stay crafty parents / aspiring parents to be. In it together!

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