Outdoors with your toddler: Hiking Mount Longonot

The first time I took my daughter to the outdoors, she was about 6 weeks old! As a first time mummy used to always being on the run I must admit the vagaries of constantly being full time caregiver to my little one gave me a little bit of cabin fever. I hadn’t left the house once, to anywhere other than a clinic run for over a month! I  desperately needed to get out. So I ventured out to the Karura forest since its within the city and she loved it slept through most of it.

We later on did the Ngong Hills (I’ll tell you all about it in a different post) a couple of months later. However this was more of a drive as we walked up only two out of the seven hills. I was still too unfit for anything too demanding!!

I started working out (in earnest) a few months back in October. So on the Mashujaa  Day holiday,  I decided she was old enough for a long haul hike and I was strong enough to tag her along. And this is how the ever demure but challenging Mount Longonot was decided upon.



Being my first time hiking with a child this young (my daughter was just 15 months then), I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew I needed back up in case my back wouldn’t be up to challenge. My sister and nanny were sweet crazy enough to agree to come along despite the fact that they are not hiking enthusiasts. Bless their souls.

I carried the usual. Diapers, formula, fruits and some food to go for her. Lots of hydration too! I carried sunscreen too though I never got to use it as we started out really early. The sun also decided to be so graciously in our favor.

And so the journey begun.


To be honest it was a little tough. But like all difficult journeys. I took it one step at a time. My little girl also was very collaborative. Really if she wasn’t into it I doubt we would have made it to the top. She had so much fun and that made it much easier.

I am into baby wrapping as most local baby carriers are to uncomfortable for my back and for the baby. I used the front wrap cross carry technique on the way up and back wrap cross carry on the way done. I got this versatile and multipurpose woven wrap from Toto Wraps.

New to baby wrapping? Its pretty simple once you get the hang of it. You can find detailed instructions for the front wrap cross carry here and here for the back wrap cross carry. I will soon (in a different post) talk about a new outdoor carrier we got and are experimenting with: The osprey poco ag premium child carrier. So far its amazing and I can’t wait to retry Mt. Longonot with it.

Any of you ever hiked with your little ones? I will be happy to hear more about your experiences!


I will encourage you to take your kids outdoors. Remember your kids won’t remember their best day of television, but they’ll definitely remember that one day on the hills. Stay fit and outdoorsy parents of little ones. In it together!

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