Hi, my name is Vivienne (Mom to an adorable, precocious and cheeky 2 year old girl – Zuri and the sweetest newborn baby boy Enzi) and this is my blog space.

Absolutely Mzoori has been born out of a love of travel, do it yourself projects, parenting, and food. Here’s a place to celebrate (and sometimes rant) about all that. I’m the a “little all over” the place kind of mum though.. So expect a lot of random musings on all things life.

I’m also going to try to convince you (OR NOT) to travel with your kids especially the very little ones! It’s not easy. But there’s the payoff. It’s great. Like parenthood itself, it’s not something you can quite explain until you’re in it. You can’t get there by some other route. There’s something unique about traveling with kids. The memories you create. You can’t sleepwalk through it. Or fake it. You can’t sum it up in one postcard. You’ve got to be ON all the time. You’ve got to plan. You’ve got to Go when you want to Stop and Stop when you want to Go. You’ve got to have stores of patience to rival a monk. But its worth it!

If you’d like to know what I get up to in more detail, read on… 🙂
I hope you like my pad. Make sure you wipe your feet and don’t get sticky fingers on the walls like my kids 😛

Welcome to my blog.

If you want to say hi or contact me for any details email me at: absolutelymzoori@gmail.com, join me on Twitter at @kahawamoto or you can subscribe to Absolutely Mzoori and have me blabbing and blathering on in your inbox for ever more.

Alternatively, like Zuri, you can yell really really loudly from wherever you are.